2015: The Year in Review

20152015 was the first full year in business for Expanded Fronts. Over the year, the business found a new direction, started to mature, and I learned a ton along the way.

Finding a Direction

When I started Expanded Fronts in 2014, I had envisioned a company that would do it all – graphic design, website design and maintenance, hosting, and of course plugin development.

This was way too much to take on at once, and so in 2015 I decided to cut back on services and focus more on WordPress plugin development (which I enjoy doing quite a lot). This turned out to be a great move and it feels good to be working on plugins full-time.

Plugin Development

I released two big plugins in 2015, Better Search Replace and Better Search Replace Pro. I had no idea that these plugins would be so successful, and both the free and paid versions have been seeing some amazing growth.

Another big plugin release was Revisr 2.0. Revisr was my first major experience with building WordPress plugins, so it was great to see the plugin get such a big update. It also set the stage for many more improvements that I hope to roll out through 2016.

WordCamp US

I live in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, so I bought tickets as soon as I heard that the first WCUS would be hosted in the local convention center. I’m glad I did – I got to hang out with a lot of really smart people that I previously only knew through Slack or on various WordPress sites. The afterparties alone made it worth going and I’m already super excited for WCUS 2016.

2016 and Onward

2016 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. I’ve been rolling out improvements to the Expanded Fronts website and plan on writing more for the blog. I’ll also be reading (and hopefully writing) plenty of tutorials as I refine my skills to stay on top of the latest technologies including React.js, the WP REST API, and whatever remains to be discovered in the future.

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